Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Why lie im a diehard Kibaki supporter, since parties dont mean much in this our Kenya, the party our dear president runs on really doesnt matter, provided he gets back to state house!
Hell ive even been spotted sproting a nice, light, feather weight, poor material, shrink and fade once washed PNU and Kibaki Tena t-shirt. I can even go on and engage any anti kibaki supporter why he/she supports whoever he/she(ok this is tiring, can i just use he? Thankyou!!) supports!
But never ever ever would i raise a finger on him so as to drive a point!!
Like he would suddenly support Kibaki if i hit him!
Now this is where it gets wierd, people would actually kill you if you support a rival camp, is this madness or what!!!
Raphael Wanjala if im not mistaken is an Assistant Minister for water, his vehicle was stopped at a roadblock full of Pangas, rungus and whips, in my opinion the whole nation should be invited to view as he is publicly flogged and the event covered live on national television! Click here to view the story.
The vehicle was on its way to western Kenya where he had flew earlier on to campaign. Its evident the whips and pangas were to be used on people and that is what is frightening! Another Rwanda like genocide in Kenya is NOT an option! In my humble opinion more stern action needs to be taken in dealing with electoral violence, cause we are a peace loving Nation.
I just had a heated debate with and ODM supporter, hes still my friend, and i really dont have any urges to cut him up with a machete due to a difference in opinon so why should you!?
Umoja pamoja, Get in line! Vote peacefully.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


One evening on my way from school, luckily i got a lift from dear mommy, i stopped too buy some safaricom credit. It was just when they were publicizing the Kwachua thingy, and i really hadn't gotten the whole concept of the competition. Since i was driving i just put the card in my pocket and decided id load it later upon arrival. On reaching home i had to make a call so, i scratched the lower part for the 12 digit pin and loaded it forgetting the upper part which showed the price money one was eligible to win.
A few minutes later i scratched the price money place and BOY was i ecstatic!!
0 after 0 after 0 tokead and they totaled six zeros, i.e a cool 1,000,000. Wachakelele ianze!
My cuzo was with me jumping up and down in jubilation already advising me how i should give him just kidogo. Lil bro there already demanding a bike, im sure the neighbors thought we were being robbed! I had visions of a shiny new ride, no walking no more, a deadly new phone (I had my lovely Mona at the time, oh Mona, my lovely Mona!!)
It all came crashing down after i now read the fine print!
I dont think ive ever gone from such a high to such a low in such a short time(id request all Kyuks to try and say the words in bold again, represent the 'sropes of mount Kenya!!').
But at least i was a millionare!!! Albeit for less than half an hour!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crumbling of a Giant.....

It seems its just a bad three months for me cause last week i was out burying my friend, Anthony Owalla Mboya.
I met Owalla in primary school, the one and only St.Marys but do i say , when i was in class 6 and later met him in Strathmore University when doing my diploma. We were close in primary but not so in University but non the less he was my friend and i mourn his loss. He struck me as one very cheerful fellow cause i dont think there was a time i saw him sad even during his illness, a trait that i yearn to imitate for years to come. He was a great mind, perhaps the greatest mind ive had the pleasure to meet in our age group, he was surely destined to be an ace programmer, a skillful engineer and a brilliant businessman, if he were to have been with us for a decade or two longer but that is not to be....
His death has put in sharp focus what exactly im here to do, what i can do, wat i have done, and how privileged i am to have the chance to do it, ive resolved to live for the moment, maximize my potential, make the maximum of my time with my friends and loved ones cuz you never know......
The swahili say "Ukiona kichwa cha mwenzako chanyolewa, chako kitie maji!"

Rest in peace Anto,
We shall soon meet again.