Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New home!

After blogging for at least two years, i think and 52 posts i believe its time for change....
Find me here!
Hope you follow me to my new home.

Korosho, maji na soda!

Disclaimer: Written during intake of vodoski, grammatical errors shall not be held against me. Likely to go around in circles saying nothing in particular.

I had never traveled to coast by bus before and it was an experience i wanted to have (just one of those things). The few previous times i had been down to the coast were by matatu or by a personal car which were damn uncomfy but fun all the same if coupled by some alcohol.This time though it was at night and in a bus with some other three good friends, barely 2 months after my last fully intoxicated stay at the coast(see previous post).
Madd planning had to go into this trip, like i had to make sure my Ipod was fully charged for the trip, check! Had to take a nice long meal before getting on the bus, check! Had to go pee pee and make sure bowel movement wouldnt come at the wrong time on the ride down. Kinda felt like Sheldon in Big bang theory a nerdy TV series!
Did i like the bus ride down? Hell no! I couldnt sleep. the bus was damn noisy! Mind you it was a new bus a KBE in fact with reclining chairs and a futuristic design that looked like Flintstones car (the irony!). Air con that really dint work and reading lights that dint really light, and thus i was left to my own thoughts which is not a good thing at all! Cause i end up building nice scenarios where im cruising down the highway in my new Range Rover vouge, which will not happen as soon as i would like it to :-). Plus i couldnt consume any alcohol, company regulations plus where would i dispose of the waste?

Ok im ranting *looking at the level of bottle of vodoski*

Where was I, oh yes, soon and very soon we were halfway there, Mtito a ndei! Around 2 am and the place was a bee hive of activity, there were so many busses there, twould have put Total Motor show to shame! Traders selling everything from Maasai shukas to mishkakis! Awesome i tell you Kenyans are awesome. It was at voi on the way back that i was pulled back from slumber land where i had momentarily gained admittance with ,the for lack of a better word, a loud croaking voice "Korosho, maji na soda"! I was abiut to hurl an empty bottle of soda at the intruder who turned out to be a guy hawking Cashew nuts (korosho) which sounded to me at first like an insult, forgive me i was tired, sleepy and grumpy having just broken up with my girlfriend, who happened to be sitting right next to me!
All the same i was intrigued at what it was they were making a big fuss about so i stopped one of them to find out what exactly Korosho was, turned out to be the tastiest cashew nuts ive ever eaten!

In light of recent ocuurences im feeling in the mood of change maybe some new loook blog template or something or a fresh start, im yet to decide, ill weigh my options...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Come back?

Its been ages since i blogged, i donno what happened. Maybe its cause of twitter, maybe its cuz i lacked time to type up posts or i just ran out of things to say...at least on the blog i did.

I met up with some friends a while back, and could not help but realise just how different we are, questions started poping up, am i the one whos changed or have they? And most importantly what the hell do we have in common anymore other than the shared past?

Other Business
Sibbie i semi promise this is the last post about alcohol!
About two months ago, my freinds and i rented a matatu and headed out to the coast for a long weekedn we had planned fro months before hand. As in ages, of saving and scrapping enough coins (at least on my part) to pay for a crazy 96hrs of coast awsomness! Dday arrives and wer all packed into the loud matatu vibrations from the woofer loud enough to be heard a kilometer down the road. Inside every available space is occupied by some luggage or some form of alocohol. We had just two crates of beer and what must have been 4 cartons of Vodka, Brandy and Sambuka and 10 litres of some spiked punch. Clearly this was shaping up to be one of the best ever trips.

On our way down to the coast, i dozed off having raved all of the previous night and woke up to have been plaited matutas (no idea what that is in English, translate please). Point is i woke up looking like Medusa. Now i love my 'fro and under normal circumstances NO ONE touches my 'fro, but we were on our way to the coast so wat the hell yeah? :-) An hour into the trip and we had already finished a whole two crates of beer and starting on the 'makalis' (bitter ones) :-)
By the end of the weekend i was literally shaking at home, going through withdrawal symptoms, it was so bad i honestly thought i had gotten malaria, all worth it though!

I shall not expose much of what happened at the coast as it would be self incriminating, but lets just say i had the maddest fun i have ever had! Drinking games where we took neat vodka from the bottle, on the beach, by the pool, on our way to malindi....

Speaking of beach, i am sooo damn unfit! I played beach soccer for like half an hour and i was totally out! As in dead! Half year resolution.....get in shape!

There goes my last post about alcohol :-(

Monday, July 20, 2009

The MIT experience......

Ive been attending a training at Strathmore University organized and run by MIT students under a program called Africa Information Technology Initiative(AITI) for the past six weeks. In the six weeks ive learned alot of Java, and J2me and using that ill go ahead and do some Android. I must say that these past six weeks have been the craziest, most wonderful of my 3 years or so of coding. There was something very wrong with Kenyan way of teaching or i just was not keen enough then. Michael Gordon, the president of AITI, lectured so well that if you dint get a point then you must have been dozing, cause clearly you have no other reason! The personal attention Zach, Michelle, Julian and Cory gave to everyone was incredible and much thanks to you, if you happen to come across this blog. :-). It may sound cliche, but the last month and a half has been a life altering experience.

Time flies when you having fun and indeed, the past six weeks have whizzed by.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wats new.

Ive been meaning to write a post but have been so busy juggling school and starting a new business,www.rollingbox.co.ke or if you want to follow in twitter @rollingboxltd, really aint easy! If anyone is willing to help me design a website, most thanks! Hala!
Im doing a java programming course at strathmore, actually its an AITI-MIT Mobile java training hosted at strathmore, very interesting indeed! Just very damn exhausting! Will be back to blogging soon will have lots to catch up on....toodles!

Wats new.

Ive been meaning to write a post but have been so busy juggling school and starting a new business,www.rollingbox.co.ke or if you want to follow in twitter @rollingboxltd, really aint easy! If anyone is willing to help me design a website, most thanks! Hala!
Im doing a java programming course at strathmore, actually its an AITI-MIT Mobile java training hosted at strathmore, very interesting indeed! Just very damn exhausting! Will be back to blogging soon will have lots to catch up on....toodles!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Honest scrap awards

The honest scrap award, bestowed upon me by Ourkid joyunspeakable and Sibbie the newbie to my blog, welcome lots. Sorry to disappoint you guys but mez just as simple and straight forward as they come, plain old Ngare!

Where to start where to start?

1. I smile alot, even blush sometimes, i try to deny this and hide it but it never works! I blame it on some girls who claim i have a sweet smile which makes me, yes you guessed it smile even more! Though smiling i may be thinking damn you boring or go away, i dont have much of a temper.

2. On my worst of days im extremely sarcastic, extremely! To a point where my female cousin retorted after an onslaught of sarcastic comments "You can drive someone to go to K-street and become a prostitute". Well in my defense i was preparing her to face the cruel cruel world out there :-) I call it dark Humor.

3. Alcohol? Why thank you!! My daddy told me, if someone insults you by offering you a drink, swallow the insult! I drink a bit but have it under control, nothing as bad as bad as becoming an alcoholic! Or you know addicted to anything really.

4. I love music, really do. But soft soft music mushy mellow and slow that does it for me, so basically no noisy stuff like crunk et al. well maybe when im tipsy. Due to my 'unusual' taste i never go and try control the music when we are many pals together :-)

5.I put waaay too much sugar in tea and waay to much salt in food and i like it! If you tell me about dying, my response why live a life you don't enjoy living?

6. Im argumentative, i love arguing about anything and everything as long as whoever im arguing with doesn't take it personally im good to go! Even with the least of facts, how convincing i am on the other hand is debatable....anyone?

7. Some girls ive realized assume that i am a player, how they come to that conclusion i have no idea and if it were possible i would sue their asses for libel cuz im sure they texted that around. Am i a player? Short answer...NO!!!

8. Im a hopeless romantic, romantic movies, songs scenarios always floating around in my mind.

9. I believe im approachable and friendly considering no. 1 above, so i have many many many acquaintances but very very few friends who i can positively count on and they can count on me as well as taking a bullet for!

10. Sex....considering my father may be reading this id like to invoke my 5th amendment right to remain silent as anything i say shall and will be used in the court that is my father! :-)

You see plain and simple!
Now to tag some people....cutting grass, Maua, Antipop, Miano, Tandra, Candybox, Neema Divine. Kazi kwenyu!

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