Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is sooooooooooo you Stan!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Its......Its a GIRL!!!

The year 2007 will go down in history books as one of the worst years, not because a flawed election messed things up in this our beloved Kenya but also because this is when lovely Mona was violently taken away from me [pause to sob] and of course the miss carriage of Lana who did not even see the light of day! However a lil something called pinky brought some light in the pitch darkness that was, and kept me company on the lonely and long bus rides to and fro home.
On the night of 6th a new chapter in ma life, little did i know. As i strolled past the large entrance way and into the well lit lobby full of people, people crying, some in utter jubilation and delight others sorrowful and downcast, i thought about what it would mean to me if my wishes were to be fulfilled, if God heard my prayers and that she would come out healthy and strong...

It was a nerve racking 15 minute wait, full of concern and fear that the longer it took, that maybe something would go wrong. The funny feeling at the pit of my stomach didn't help the situation much and neither did the pregnant clouds looming above ominously. None the less my will was strong and i stood as still as my shaking legs could hold me, as she cried out to me, for me to hold her little beautiful body,so fragile, so smooth, for her to feel my embrace and at that moment i got a name to call her, a name befitting her beauty(at least to me), for she was of Royal blood! Heart racing,blood thumping, mind buzzing, sweating like a pig i felt as if i was in a swimming pool. All of a sudden i felt as if my skin didnt belong to me as if i was looking through someone else's eyes, as if i didnt belong as if it wasnt me. Breath held in sheer anxiety, i reached out and held her up, she was to be referred to as (drum rolls) Milly Turi!! [Angelic note:Aaaaaaahhhh]

I know you, yes you are like, HUH!? WTF why the hell Milly Turi!!
Well lemmi explain, Milly is the daughter of David Willy the second(Abbreviated as dv2000), Willy on the other hand is a son to Villi a descendant of the great Pavilion who was of the clan of Hepson(HP). Turi comes from the descendants of AMD, Turi being the daughter of Turion, son to Athlon. Thus Milly Turi!!
The one the only!! HP Pavillion dv2845se

You know i sit back sometimes as i watch the news and i wonder how exactly these politicians think! Mara sijui we have agreed on a cabinet, mara its a new cabinet being formed and not just people being added to it. Honestly I dont give a rats ass!!!
Have i lost any sleep over my favourite politician not being on the cabinet list?
Will a 40 member strong cabinet make better roads, lower the price of basic commodities, increase security in our estates?
Am i crying, OH LORD, what will happen if we dont have an independent minister of Roads, as it can not definitely be put together with public works!!
As Former President Moi, so eloquently put it will the appointment of a Vice President put Ugali on my table!?
Say it with me, I THINK NOT!!

So you lot of brain deprived, insensitive and overfed and under worked bastards think beyond your own personal interests and drop dead!!

Have a lovely day y'all!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I really really really really HATE exams!!!