Friday, May 8, 2009

Honest scrap awards

The honest scrap award, bestowed upon me by Ourkid joyunspeakable and Sibbie the newbie to my blog, welcome lots. Sorry to disappoint you guys but mez just as simple and straight forward as they come, plain old Ngare!

Where to start where to start?

1. I smile alot, even blush sometimes, i try to deny this and hide it but it never works! I blame it on some girls who claim i have a sweet smile which makes me, yes you guessed it smile even more! Though smiling i may be thinking damn you boring or go away, i dont have much of a temper.

2. On my worst of days im extremely sarcastic, extremely! To a point where my female cousin retorted after an onslaught of sarcastic comments "You can drive someone to go to K-street and become a prostitute". Well in my defense i was preparing her to face the cruel cruel world out there :-) I call it dark Humor.

3. Alcohol? Why thank you!! My daddy told me, if someone insults you by offering you a drink, swallow the insult! I drink a bit but have it under control, nothing as bad as bad as becoming an alcoholic! Or you know addicted to anything really.

4. I love music, really do. But soft soft music mushy mellow and slow that does it for me, so basically no noisy stuff like crunk et al. well maybe when im tipsy. Due to my 'unusual' taste i never go and try control the music when we are many pals together :-)

5.I put waaay too much sugar in tea and waay to much salt in food and i like it! If you tell me about dying, my response why live a life you don't enjoy living?

6. Im argumentative, i love arguing about anything and everything as long as whoever im arguing with doesn't take it personally im good to go! Even with the least of facts, how convincing i am on the other hand is debatable....anyone?

7. Some girls ive realized assume that i am a player, how they come to that conclusion i have no idea and if it were possible i would sue their asses for libel cuz im sure they texted that around. Am i a player? Short answer...NO!!!

8. Im a hopeless romantic, romantic movies, songs scenarios always floating around in my mind.

9. I believe im approachable and friendly considering no. 1 above, so i have many many many acquaintances but very very few friends who i can positively count on and they can count on me as well as taking a bullet for!

10. Sex....considering my father may be reading this id like to invoke my 5th amendment right to remain silent as anything i say shall and will be used in the court that is my father! :-)

You see plain and simple!
Now to tag some people....cutting grass, Maua, Antipop, Miano, Tandra, Candybox, Neema Divine. Kazi kwenyu!

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