Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy new year.......?

Being the first post of the new year its only polite for me to wish you a Happy New year!

But for me it really aint that happy. The new year began with our whole family locked up at home for the fear of being hacked to death by machete wielding dodo heads strolling all around Kenya lurking with the intent to loot,vandalize and burn anything that looks of worth. Luckily it didnt get that bad in our "hood",unfortunately many were not as lucky as we were!

600+ killed,hundreds of thousands displaced and millions living in fear.

Kenyans killing each other just because of some elites fighting for power, yet its only the common man who is suffering while they hug and make merry in parliament while bagging extra huge salaries! The IRONY!!

My pride in Kenya is eroding, aint all that proud to be Kenyan anymore.

We have to do something!!