Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lifes teachings

Wow its been a while!
How y'all doing!
......ok.....moving on swiftly.
A few weekends ago i had a weekend to remember, one that had highs and lows...deep lows i mean from the Himalayas to the Deepest of trenches, the Mariana trench but you know what, life goes on....lesson learned.
I remember when i was a kid i thought to myself that i must be an adopted kid. When you are a kid you kinda think everyones against you if they for some reason refuse to give in to all your demands as crazy as a pizza in the middle of the night(i wasnt that spoilt!). But for me, i thought THEN that i had a good reason even though the obvious facial similarities didnt appear as obvious to me then as they are now! The very good reason was ofcourse, everyone was just much brighter(in ma family) considering they were older than me. I never failed to get an intelligent answer from my Dad, or Mom or my brother whos older than me by two years......
Sadly enough, people above the legal driving age limit still have lower reasoning capabilities than the ones i had then! How do you drive around with full beam lights? How do you walk into a meeting or a church with your ringtones on the maximum possible volume?! I fail to understand how having had a phone for over seven years now, for some, and not be familiar with the off button or at the very very least, know how to put the damn little thing on vibrate only!

Considering my lack of access to a TV following my leap into living independence, i have been for a long time on the leeward side of the flow of information but i heard a suggestion through some media people calling for the perpetrators of the Post Election Violence to be forgiven! This is one of them point where i sigh shrug my shoulders and mutter, "Common sense really aint that common"! Simply put, the law must be followed, since without law the country will just disintegrate into the total mayhem it was at the begining of the year! Furthermore if these guys are forgiven, it will set precedence and thus the next drunk gun trotting trigger happy idiot who decides to go for target practise in a Nairobi crowd will plead for forgiveness since anyway you forgave the other guys didnt you!? Its like when a kid beats up another kid in school and you say its ok, he apologized...., the kid will obviously take advantage since thers a feeling of immunity, my advice spank the kid till the skin is raw and make sure the word goes round cause that way no other kid will think of fighting, lesson learnt!
Lemmi give you a scenario, 5 kids in the kitchen with the sugr bowl left open and alot of sugar on the floor. "You ask who ate and spilt the sugar?" One of the kids reply almost before you finish intonating your sentence to signify its a question, "It wasnt me!"
Who do you think did it!?
Obviously the kid who spoke up, you should check his/her fingers first!
Now why would the "Honourable Minister of Agriculture Mr. William Ruto start yapping as soon as the Waki report was handed over in secret.......told you common sense aint that common!

Depending on your relationship with your parents, they sometimes your bestest of friends and sometimes your worst of enemies who you just wholy depend on. Well for me i really didnt like to be told when to read, when to eat or generally to take a shower and disturb the fragile ecosystem that was developing on my body, well that was quite a while back. Long story short, they proved and continued to prove to be the best parents i could ever dream of, how lucky can i surely be!?

Jokes of the Day
You know the way Matatu touts at the railways terminus shout, 70 bob rongai 70 bob rongai...i wonder how their counterparts in Zimbabwe say......"A mili, a milli a milli..."

Proof that fish rili does help the brain and that our country men from the lake side have a rili high IQ? Simple! They are the ones that came up with the idea of an elevator in Kenya.....Otis.
Lovely day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


You know, i consider myself of having average intelligence, a runk below average maybe? But for the love of iPhone[Edwin 2008] i cant figure out how in the heavens and in the Indian Ocean near Somalia, a Ship of the magnitude of MV Faina can be surrounded by three somali pirate ships with a hand full of guys probably wielding machetes to a ship carrying 33 T-27 russian made battle tanks capable of cruising at 60kph and their main canon firing accurate shots 4 kms away from the targets!

I believe i have totaly lost it when the pirates go on to demand billions of shillings, and the Kenya government actually appealing for support. You know i shouldnt underestimate Somalia because they blew the Americans right out of the horn of africa with their tails tightly inbetween their legs in 1990, was it? But i cannot figure out how a whole Navy ship can be captured by the three somail boats, have you seen the pictures? The boats are tiny! Seriously!! What am i missing, because at this point in time i have no faith whatsoever in our navy, (afadhali Army helped during the post election violence so we saw their might lakini navy!?) A whole bloody ship carrying Tanks, lemmi repeat that TANKS!! other weapons and ammo! There is something i rili aint guessing cuz using ma average blow the buggers out of the ocean, no appologies!!

On to rosier matters, i donated blood the other day right before my birthday. I must admit, i hate pain, my tolerance of pain is right there together with that on a day old baby, i hate pricks, i hate needles but this was for a good cause and i couldnt afford to look bad infront of the ladies, word travells fast :-) Anyhu, the super huge bag got filled quickly, i was surprised, pleasantly i might add cause i didnt think i had enough blood to go round ma body let alone donate! :-) And you know what!? I DID NOT faint! Oh modern day marvels! Question remaining though, will my blood be put to good use, or will it go down the drain.....? Hmmmh :-)

Lovely week!