Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lemmi start with, my bday just passed and why lie imma party like its my birthday.....soon.
Have cats to deal with first, and with this new psyke instilled in me by dear "young" maua have to ace them before i club hop.

Soo many things happening right now, from people leaving, precisely, 2 VIPs leaving, making new friends, new opportunities and shouldering new responsibilites, as well as living all on my own......well not exactly but close enough! :-)

In ma very short existence in this world of ours, i tend to wonder what impact ive made on other people, would they remember me if i had a sudden and unfortunate death? Or would guys go like, "Haiya! Whers Ngare?" "I donno! Maybe hes sleeping." Wonder how many people would show up at ma funeral, and not just because thers free food or because they feel obligated because they just knew someone who knew me....

Anyhuu, a happy birthday to me! :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Back to school, sigh....
I was bored silly for four months as i was on ma holiday and was just waiting for school to open but now that we in session, i want us to close!!! I miss ma sleep! :-(