Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sadness and Rage.

To say i am sad or angry would be an understatement,
rage and dismay do not come close to describing it.
Violence begets violence,
death begets death.
only thing left is vengeance.

I believe that common sense aint that common as its taunted to be, i believe that there are not as many sane people as there are insane.

I believe i have a high enough an IQ to grasp most common concepts, to understand some of the most basic and fundamental concepts such as "life is sacred, protect it" and "Obey the rule of law", it seems to some that is just too complicated an idea to wrap their little heads around.

Yet at this moment in time i am well and ready to disregard the advice of the little angel in my head, telling me not to go out and hunt the killers and put them to death, that justice will prevail.

Justice? What justice? Did they give him any justice beating him to death, on a whim? How dare they deliver a death sentence on an innocent man? How dare they!?

Its the actions of a mob that has no evidence other than the "non spark" of cells believed to be the grey matter between their ears 'Mwizi!!' that make me loose faith in the Human species.
To clobber a defenseless man, is inhumane, barbaric,...[insert unprintable words here].

I never imagined i would sink to such a low.