Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random thought......

Ever wondered how the future will look like?
Well i have. (A pal of mine thinks i think alot about everything, well i think my pal daent think much about anything.)
From how ill look like to wat ill be doing to if ill be blessed to have a wife.
But i digress, what amazes me the most is the technological advancements we'll have made in the next 30 years and by we i mean others other than Kenya. I mean we have some really brilliant people in Kenya as in people you go like, WOW! But somehow dude to their faults or faults as a country we never appear anywhere on the global sphere in terms of technological innovation! Did you know a Kenyan was involved or is it that the Kenyan wrote the software for Nokia 3310? What i must think is the most successful phone ever, well in ma books at least! I digress agen..
Im just from reading about an article about "The Grid" and im like wow!!
Imagine getting internet together with ur elec. As in if you have elec you hooked up to the net! As in giga bit speeds!!
{moment of silence}
That is what the future is to me! Being able to have a video conference with someone at the cost of a local call of Celtels 3bob a min. Having a conversation with a hologram of the person you talking to, downloading a whole movie in seconds. Downloading albums in miliseconds. Yeah thats the s***t!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Love loss or loveless

Ever wonder if true love exists? Where both parties are just ecstatic to see each other every morning for 50 something years?

With my dismal number of years on this earth, 21 going on 40 would it be possible for me to have experienced true love if ever it did exist?
As mommy says(yeah i did say mommy) Love for her is a doing word, a verb, her love for people is potrayed in her actions for the funny feeling in the stomach and the sleepless minutes thinking bout him/her.....before you sleep......just last but a second.
To many of us "love" would be just a feeling one drummed into our head by the various productions of Hollywood which we(as a generalisation) sit and watch keenly expecting for that prince charming to ride over and rescue you from ur tower only for shrek to come trotting, or for 'the girl next door' to ring ur door bell.
The corruption of the minds and/or perceptions of this our generation is obvious in the number of people who are glued to the latest south american soap waiting and watching for "Fernandos" next move only wishing her man would act just like him! Im not just hitting at the ladies here pliz dont get me wrong it takes two to tango!
Its saddening how the word love has been thrown around and lost meaning!

This week end i went for the most amazing ride ever!!( No not that ride dumdums!! Get ur minds out of the gutter! Yes you!)
Any way, Ive always wondered why people on a roller coaster scream their guts out, well the ones ive seen on telly and on movies and stuff) i mean, its just going fast right? And its fun to go fast.
Well i got to find out a lil about how they feel. I went on this "banana" ride. A banana shaped thingy which can go a full 360 degree vertical spin......slowly!
Lemmi emphasize on the slowly part since, it fikas the top and for like 3 or so seconds its at a standstill when ur totally upside down!
Now, this may not freak you out but for someone who practically has a phobia for heights, it freaked me out!
Thers a point it fikas when ur body is totally off the seat and only a metal bar stands in the way of certain death, by falling! Thats the point my legs started vibrating violently on their own accord. The ride waz sick! Wiked! Full of adrenaline! And guess wat?
I hopped back in for another round!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Its been a hectic time for me, mpaka writing a post has been a biff. What have i been doing?
Dont even ask......causei have the slightest idea myself. Confused? Yeah! Welcome to my world!

Anyhuu, the other night i was having a quiet night in with Mily watching The West Wing-im totally addicted to that thing- in the comfort of my bed when i heard some flattering....i was using headphones so i ignored it concluding i have an overactive imagination which i do have....
So i put on back the headphones and was soon engrossed in the activities of staff in the west wing of the white house. A few minutes later the same flattering, i was sure i heard it this time so i sat up and squinted through the mosquito net to see if id make out anything in the darkness of may room, but of course i could not! Ok now i was getting freaked out so i drew Mily closer. (That sentence was added for dramatic effect as no such thing happened, just so that we clear :-))

I was saved the squinting when the source of the disturbance drew closer and landed right on the net right above my head, at which point i shrieked like a little girl and called for mommy. (Again that last statement was added for dramatic effect, as i said i have an overactive imagination). In between the shrieking and heart pounding i was able to belt out a clear, calm and collected WTF!!


I should give you the background first...
Lets see, how do i put this, we live in the bundus! As in kichakani! At one point i was unsure of the number of creatures that call home, home. The list is too long to list. (aint english the weirdest language? list..list). In school home was refered to as Burundi, The desert, Ocha, Nowhere as well as the Land far far far away.(I supposedly watched nowhere news, and read Nowhere Daily and if i had a dog twas named courage the cowardly Dog). It was one of the wonders of the world how on earth i managed to get to school before anyone, including those who lived a stone throw away. Anyhuu i digress.
We live in th middle of nowhere.


A few inches from my face, with only a mosquito net between us was a bat!
Yup an ugly, ugly, ugly bat.
At this point im tempted to exaggerate and sema twas a big and blood thirsty.....but....twas a small thing but really ugly!
Lets keep in mind IT WAS A BAT.

So now in a split of a second, i was out of bed and standing by the door lights on with a slipper in hand wondering wat to do.
For like 10 minutes i stood there wondering wat to do with the bloddy bat or just go sleep in another room, but Mily....couldnt leave Mily there! :-)

Long story short, i chuked one of those wire hangers from the wardrobe and unfolded it so i could skuma the ugly mammal at arms + hangers length out of my room! And was soon reunited with dear Mily!

Moral of the story:
Do not live in a land far far away!
Or just buy Bat spray.....

No Mily has not taken the place of my girlfriend.

Pic of the day:


Im feeling Leona Lewis for some reason
Leona Lewis- Im you
Leona Lewis- Bleeding love
Leona Lewis- Moment like this

Keisha Cole - Heaven sent
Heather Headley- Rain
Heather Headley- How many times