Thursday, March 13, 2008 at now.

Thursday 13th March 2008

Today has just been a boring day one that has come, consecutively after others. I dont know what the problem is, maybe its because of the end of the "MUN excitement" or may be its just cause i miss my girl.
Talking of MUN and my girl, i was oddly surprised that i was not really interested in the FLY girls in MUN! Astonishingly i didnt mind just making acquaintances as in:
{two REALLY REALLY fine mamaz approaching as we walk through a corridor}
Ma friend: Ok here we go...
Me: Go? Go where? Ooooooh! Okidoki.
{my pal looks bewildered}
Girls:{in a chirpy tone like birds in the early morning} Hello *ma friend*!!
Ma friend:{in an equally high but not as nice tone} Hello girl 1 and girl 2!!
Me:{admiring the wonderful architecture of the buildings(sic)}
Ma friend: {to the girls} Hey meet my pal Ngare, Ngare this is Girl 1 and Girl 2.
Me: {all eloquent and stuff} Pleasure to meet to ladies, i must say you look absolutely stunning! {not the exact phrasing...} id love to stay for a while and chat but we were in a bit of a hurry...*ma friend*
Ma friend: {looking even more bewildered} Yes...... yes we were.....
{Goodbyes ensue and we move on in a leisurely stroll down the corridor with my friend a machete short of 'skirmishing' me)

Blog, worry not i aint gay, im just really content with my relationship status right now. A very strange feeling indeed!

As content as i may feel with my status(yes even the HIV one -) i dont feel the same with my life in general. You know when you wake up day after day then ur like HAIYA its friday! Did we skip like Wednesday and Thursday!? Those times you feel like uve hit a slump, dragging ur feet in a swamp or treading in the deep end with one leg tied down.

My pal thinks i think too much, i think that too. Many a time that id keep her awake late into the night with my many woes and she laps it up like a cat with a full milk bowl, shez strong, if i was on the other end of the conversation id probably go hang myself cause of boredom! Things as they are, things as i would wish them to be, things id wish to do, and things as they are done. Having been in school for more than, yaani ive even lost count, for like 15 years and counting i sure do hope that theres a really good life for me once im through all this crap! Not that i have it bad, i must say blog that i have it better than others lakini jo!

I remember when i was like in second term in my last year of high school , i was just wondering what was on offer after i finished my final exam and i just put all my frustration, misery, anticipation, anxiety and curiosity and came out with what id call a song(think of a loose meaning to the word 'song'), i wonder if it still exists....ill rampage through my archives blog, hope ill get a chance to put it down here.

All in all blog glad to be alive!

Pic of the day:

Every other time- LFO
Gallery- Mario Vazquez
Goodlife- Kanye west
Iris- Googoodolls
He loves me- Jill Scott
Heaven sent- Keyshia Cole
courtesy of Pinky!

Again i aint gay twas a present, and there was no other color in the store!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

KMUN: Day 3

After a whole day of BORING policy statements, we finally broke up into committees where it gets really intresting cuz thats where most of the resolutions are debated upon....

The first two days werent too bad except for the part you go......WTF is going on!! The rules and procedures need a little getting used to. Otherwise youl spend your time looking for cracks in the wall and picking out the best looking chiks in the room(strike that, thats what i do :-))

Its amazing how petty WHOLE university attending students can be...lemmi give you an example:
*not the actual countries
First Day reading of policy statements according to alphabetical order.
Gabon:{reading their policy statement}
Zambia: {shouting} Point of personal privilege!
Chair: Does your point pertain to audibility?
Chair: Does your point pertain to clarity?
Chair: State your point.
Zambia: There are mosquitoes at the back of the room madam chair, impairing our ability to concentrate.
Chair: Point dully noted. Protocol officer please assist Zambia. Gabon, you may continue.
Gabon: The Republic..........
France: {shouting} Point of personal privilege!
Chair: Does your point pertain to audibility?
Chair: Does your point pertain to clarity?
Chair: State your point.
France: There is too much noise in the chamber and too many people walking around making it hard to follow proceedings.
Chair: Point dully noted. Protocol offices please ensure only protocol officers are walking around. Thank you. Gabon, you may proceed......
Gabon: Thank you Madam chair. We the delegation of Gabon, would like....
Cuba: {shouting} Point of personal privilege!
Chair: Does you point pertain to audibility?
Cuba: Yes.
Chair: Hon. Delegate please speak audibly and clearly into the microphone.

This goes on and on and on, imagine going through this for like 150 countries!

Second day in comitees, i forsee a very intresting day!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beer Break!

After a loooooong days/ weeks work.....snuggle in to you warm comfy linux box :-D and have a laugh, with your favorite poison in hand.
Have a laugh.....or at least a smile :-)

I wouldnt mind seeing a few such bags in Nairobi! But then again its already hard enuf to walk in the streets sooooo many fine women!

Sooo sooo true! dont you think? :-D


This should be my motto! :-)


1. Ati first time yako kubuy gari ulisema ufungiwe unaenda mbali
2. Ati kwenu mko upto date mpaka watoi wenu wakipigwa wana vibrate badala ya kulia.
3. Naskia mko advanced mpaka nyi huenda loo via bluetooth
4. Ati naskia nyi ni wengi mpaka nyi hukunywa chai na sprinkler
5. First time uliona soda,ulifinya finya kujua gani ni ripe
6. Ati naskia we ni fala mpaka ulienda cyber ukaulizia stamp ati ndio uweke kwa email
7. Nilikupata umezubaa ukiangalia chupa ya orange juice...ati juu imeandikwa "concentrate"....
8. Naskia ulienda para sunday school
9. Naskia simu yako iko na slot ya coins.....
10. Una kichwa sooo ukithink kuna echo....!
11. Ati you r so ugly vile ulizaliwa uliwekwa kwa incubator tinted ndio usi shtue watoi wengine.....ha,haaaaa!!
12. Ati umekonda mpaka ukivaa vest bado unakunja sleeves
13. Ati T.V yenu iko na mouse...hahahahahahah

Mchongwano just cracks me up!!!

Another Month, same routine, have a lovely week!