Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend out.....

Its been soo long since i blogged, im tempted to sema i was nursing a hang over after a really eventful weekend but truth is ive been suffering writers block or is it bloggers block?
Lets see if the creative juices will start flowing again (lol as if they were in the first place..)


So last weekend started with a blast! Went for Idols Africa show at the Bomas of Kenya and was pampered like a true member of the media, entry courtesy of my good Uncle (thanx man!) The show was off the chains (or watever 'hip' kids say nnowadays :-) Awet care to help? ). The audience was crazy, cheering like their lives depended on it. Lets backtrack a lil bit, before entering the hall, we were hapo nje catching a few 'tanyes' (Tusker in the words of Modo) surveying the crowd as they lined up to get into the hall (our seats were reserved, i mean....The Media!) and im telling you Nairobi has mamas! Waaaaat!! I was huko mwagaing the proverbial mate its like i was suffering from Downs syndrome. But yenyewe chix never cease to amaze me, there had to be a 'Lady' with the IQ of a door knob (YES offence), how oh how do you come to such an event at 7:30 usiku in nylon hot pants!? Who the hell said you have to show hectares of skin to look sexy? A gurl can look sexy as well as SANE all covered up! So after downing our favorite lager at lightening speeds, we were ushered into the hall ready for the performances....with a few mls of alcohol in the system, a chik next to at that time was goood.....:-)
The whole experience was super but i have one bone to pick with the MNET people, why the hell was the sound so pathetic! I mean they are supposedly looking for the most talented and thus making them sound good to the audience should be at the top of the list shouldnt it? Im hoping it was a one time thing and leo theyl step up and the sound will be as good as their orgainsation of the whole thing which is FAB!! Oh! I must say Amara was looooking HOOOOTT!! And i hope she wins. GO AMARA, GO AMARA! SATO
Now on sato there was like the most awaited event since like i donno, new years? Tusker Safari Sevens! As usual it didnt disappoint with what looked like the whole of the Nairobi youth packed on the sidelines of the pitch as well as the Village grounds. Even with a steep entry price of 800 bob the place was still packed, yenyewe Kenyans have cash to spend. As usual there had to be ladies with the philosophy of "freeze and shine". I had a sweater and i was freezing, now i wonder how a chick in a mini skirt and her boobs half out was feeling..... I rest my case!
Kenya did us proud as usual, and went ahead to win the cup on sunday.....though i can bet half of the people there have no idea wat a try is......
The rest of that night is a blur and i dont want to try n remember what i got up brings on a headache.. :-)

In the wee hours of relative morning for me (4pm) a pal of mine was at the door waking me up...
Now the night before was crazy and even after almost 10 hours of slumber, it was a real task to walk straight. So now my lovely neighbour hooks me up with tikos for Tusker Project fame 2, the final show.....who am i to refuse, twould be just rude now wouldnt it?
Mimi huyo kwa shower and on the road to Ruaraka where the shows at, wit ma cuzo.
Again, chix are huko in plenty, so im thinking if you kosa a better half in Nairobi yenyewe its ur choosing and no one elses cause waaaat!!! i should walk with an infants feeder cuz of all the drooling. So we check into the bar and behold!! Factory prices!!!

{Aaaaaahhhhh (angelic melody)}

Unfortunately im still undergoing detox from the night before so i kamata soda instead (Smirnoff Black ice).... i mean i have to hold something....

So down the kamroad we go to the main tent where the performance is at, lakini after being pigwad terro (which is highly uncomfortable if i might add, esp when the guy smiles as he pats you down politeness NUTTING!!) Awe and behold, the ammount of disorganisation there would put ma wardrobe to shame, and thats saying something...ask ma brother! The place is packed to the brim and guys are squeezing themselves like sardines in a can.

After a lil spat with some intoxicated brawn and no brains guy i relinquish the kidogo space id patad and anza scavenging for a spot to fix at least one but cheek. Lets just say im not a confrontational kinda guy plus did i mention the brawn part? Nuff said!

So i pata a place to sit on some hard mbao step all alone, wit ma cuzo and Uncle huko mbali, had to make do with what i had so i stayd put.

The tripple distilled vodo and a lemon twist in the form of Black ice awakened the dregs of last night intoxicating element in the deeps of ma tumbo with crazy effects, e.g. lack of balance, i had to stand and let a chick through and in the process i mwagiad the remains of ma drink to a chick who was sitting hapo mbele yangu and waaaat! The machos i was given! If looks could kill id have been strangled, drowned, shot, my throat slit and burned all at once! You know wat, i blame the earths rotation for that spill man im sure it jerked!

The show none the less was incredible, the sound was perfect! As in wow!

The show was totally worth sitting on the hard mbao for like two hours, considering i have minimal to none cushioning if you get wat i mean.....

The outcome was rather bogus though, in my humble opinion Wendy should have won instead of Esther, but well thats how it went down.

All in all, a super weekend!

Pic of the Day

Im with you- Avril Lavigne
Mamacita- Coolie buddz
Goodlife- Kanye West
Ti-chi- Kenrazy
Just like a pill- Pink

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An out of town experience....

Wow, its been too long since i blogged......bloggers block i guess and the lack of affordable internet access.
I hope that will change in the near future with the completion of The East African Marine System (TEAMS) and the completion of laying of the terestial cable. Ama they just introduce "The Grid" mara moja!

Anyhuu, about my out of town experience......
I love driving, as in totally! Be it in town at a snails pace or on an open highway at break neck speeds i love every minute of it! Before i got my license i used to wonder what people meant when they sema ati they tired of driving!? Wat! I can drive from Dawn to Dusk only stopping for lunch and taking a leak!
Now we wer off to the Valley town of Nakuru to visit ma uncle, crawling at a speed of like 100kph when suddenly at Kinungi a thick blanket of for just engulfed us as in THICK THICK THICK stuff! It was a strugglr to see the end of our cars bonet!! Visibility must have been in the negative but then agen one couldnt see behind either! :-)
So thick that a huge truck would like form right before your eyes on the other lane, one min thers nothing the next a 10 tonne lorry has whizzed past you, now thats horror!
As suddenly as it came about it just potead as we were going down the escarpment....true! It is a Magical Kenya!

I honestly cant put in words my disappointment with the government intelligence machinery. More than 600 people had to die so that they can send help in the form of Military, Administration police and regular police to catch the SLDF leader Wycliffe Matokei? In 18 months a parallel government had been established in Mt. Elgon complete with even courts in the middle of the forest!! After the Joint operation was launched and most of the SLDF caught or Killed, the Kenya police aired a documentary on National Tv recently, mildly boasting of how they were able to capture the milita without a simple casualty suffered by the joint operation but a simple question comes to the fore,it took that long and that many people for the government/intelligence agency to realise there is a problem?
Im afraid Uganda may take over most of western Kenya and we wouldnt have a clue!

Pic of the Day
If you have the displeasure of watching this dude perform.....

Guess thats an insult to Usher too....