Saturday, September 29, 2007

My bday!!!

Well my birthday just passed! Yahoooooo!!
And im a year older, i wonder if i should celebrate or start sulking since im edging closer to the end of my life, ill take the former!
Id love to give some super intresting story of how i got drunk and slept atop of some rocks in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere but for those who know me i aint like that, ill look for some grass not stones! :-)
It was a pretty quiet day my birthday despite i was celebrating two wonderfull decades on our beautiful earth!!

A few kisses here and there, an inbox full of text messages, around 30 emails, several online messages and wait for it.... a ten minute call from a very very very very very close friend overseas(unajujua)!! For me that was like the highlight of my day( if that aint a hint for you to call more often, i dont know what is!!!!)

Moving on from me getting older, im still mourning for my Mona! Since i still have to communicate i had to enlist the services of a cheap Nokia 1110i whom i have suitably named Kamau aka Kamangu. Kamau due to its omnipresence in the Nairobi streets and Kamangu due to its chameleon like qualities i.e. its a useless phone during the day but a wonderfull phone to go partying with at night since i wouldnt feel anything if i lost it!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


In what appears to be predictable trend in my life now, bad news after bad news, i have some more bad news to add! :-( My very own Mona was violently taken away from me! Im sure i tried all i could to save her, but i wount dwell on the circumstances through which i lost her(cuz they still coming to me bit by bit). Im still waiting for a ransom note since itl be kinda hard for them to call me since they have my Mona (my sweet sweet mona - ok i think thats enuf starting to sound gay).
If its destined that we part ways now though Mona, then so be it! But you will always be on my mind (before i get a replacement) !
I aint listening to any song cuz my Mona is gone but one track is playing in my head!
Gone- Nsync

Thursday, September 6, 2007


The past week or so.......
I have never come......
(OH LORD! Even english escapes me.
Ill just write as it comes)
In the past two weeks ive come to fully experience and see the effects of losing a loved one in your family for i have been very fortunate since no close person to me has gone to meet his/her maker, the closest being my great grandmother( rest her soul) who died at the ripe old age of 90. Unfortunately we wernt that close due to the language barrier, i cant quite claim competency in my native mother tounge(sad to say) but im learning albeit slowly.

Now where was i, oh yeah death....

A very close frend of my father got a stroke one fateful morning a three weeks ago and died a week later, the look on my fathers face, id like never to see again. the look of utter shock, horror, dismay, sorrow all rolled up into one. People who know me claim that i show little emotion if any at all in my facial expression but im sure that must have changed when i got to meet the diseaced family, his children, my friends. That toutched me somewhere ive never been toutched, deep deep sorrow. Placing myself in their shoes.......

i would not even want to imagine!

To crown it all up barely three days after his burial, i learnt that a friends dad had just passed away after being involved in a road accident!

I have viewed death as a foreign concept for a long time now, but i have definately been shocked to reality. What is our puropse on earth? What the *^&^ are we here to do? Have i accomplished what i should have done?

You know what! Ive come to the conclusion i should enjoy life a bit more, stop to smell the roses, to tell that chick ive been eyeing for forever that im practically in love with her, travel the world, meet new people, do something crazy, hug my Mom once in a while, and say thank you to Daddy every so often, call up an old buddy and treat him/her out to lunch, diner or even a good night out cuz you never know when a clot will form and choke your brain or a narrow minded Kenyan matatu driver will escape a pote hole or come barelling down you lane in search of that elusive "Kerucy" and end up squandering your priceless life in the process!

God please rest those two hard working gentlemen in eternal peace, and help their familes pull through this extremely dark and fog filled part of their lives.

Letter to my unborn child - 2pac