Monday, November 24, 2008

Bureaucracy and bado!

When one says the word Bureaucracy, the mind immediately jumps to the Kenya Governments offices....well at least mine does! I thought thats the only place you could be treated like trash even though you pay taxes through your nose even when you are waist deep in debt. Well i think i have a winner here....The Catholic University(CUEA) Accounts office. Now one would think that CUEA, being a private university, that things would go rather smoothly since besides paying an arm and a leg for what i regard as substandard education it is not in anyway affiliated with the government or any arm would be wrong!
The crudeness and uncultured behavious of the people working at the accounts office is only comparable to the uncultured behaviour of matatus at peak hours in downtown nairobi and im afraid that the accounts guys would put the mirra chewing, sap sipping, saliva spitters, snuff sniffing scum of Luthuli Avenue and the likes, to shame!
Im afraid out literacy levels are rock bottom and digging deeper, im my opinion literacy levels should not only show that one can read but can also read and reason from what they have read, otherwise even an Optical character reader should be the most literate of all! Why the rant?
Sunday evening on my way home, enjoying my driving experience, as i take the Muthaiga rounderbout on my way to town this idiot in a Toyota Raum coming from Utalii side hoots at me! Now im no self proclaimed guru of traffic laws and regulations but the short stint i have served so far as a qualified and licensed driver gives me the authority to know that the bloody person on the round about has right of way!! Clearely that old man could read considering he was driving a fairly new reconditioned car from Dubai, but could he realy reason!?
Have an Idiotless day wunt you!?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

That time again......

Im listening to rock right now and for the life of me i still cant figure out how one can listen to this noise for 5 minutes straight.....we really were not made the same....
Its that time of the year again where theres that bitter sweet feeling...sweet cause im at the end of a semester and a holiday is forthcoming when i can sleep for as long as id like but then again there are exams to read for and sit for, thats the bitter side! In a morning lecture i had today the lecturer was like "You people, why do you fear exams? Huh? Do you know you have done exams all your life! I know even some of you did an exam to go to Baby class! And this is not the last exam your doing! Its just like any other!" Yeah sure it is! So why doesnt he do us a favour and bring us a spelling test!?
I hate exams!! Wish me luck. :-(