Sunday, March 8, 2009


I was sitting back the other day thinking of what I have gone through my short life, reminiscing on the good days and wondering what lay ahead. Out of the small number of relationships Ive had the pleasure of having, one stands out,a head above the rest. Reason being the intensity, the duration or the timing I will never quite understand....
Fresh out of high school, ready to see the world, I emerged. Only to find myself in an institution that was quite similar to high school only difference being that they didn't have a bell to signify the end of lectures! None the less I was happy to be in a different environment and to learn new things and meet new people. And new people I did meet. My eyes for obvious reasons rested on this light soft spoken girl who seemed to keep to herself and yet speak to everyone. Needless to say I was fascinated. This girl captured my imagination without uttering a word, either she was extremely gorgeous or I really lacked imagination, I can put money on the former.
I believe I wasn't very discrete in my gawking and ogling and she must have noticed my obvious interest as we soon started talking and became inseparable in more ways than one, i would think. As hard as it is to drown the light from the sun so was it to hide the fondness we had for each other, so sweet is love discovered and love returned. I woke up with a wonderful feeling knowing I was going to see her as soon as I stepped into class, and as sure as the world is round, she made my day. It was as though she knew what I was thinking when she looked into my eyes, she could always tell my bluffs which made it arguing with her impossible. Combined with her intelligence and will, I was no match, and yet I often won for she let me win like a mule following a carrot on a stick further on she led me and deeper still I followed, head over heels I fell. Her simplicity intrigued me, her intelligence amazed me and her don't care attitude inspired me. I was brought alive whenever I was with her, the time we spent unforgettable the feelings I felt unfathomable.
As the old adage goes, every good thing comes to an end, my castles in the air came crashing down. The inviting smiles turned to blank stares and my phone went deathly silent. A stark difference as clear as a sunny day is from a rainy night came to the fore and I knew it was over. It was good while it lasted, it was great. Weeks, months even years on, I still collect shattered pieces of a heart once whole and full of love with the firm belief that soon, very soon it shall be whole again to achieve a love even greater and hopefully more lasting than before. Such is the state of the world, you have to keep moving on forth....

Unedited, uncut, straight from the heart.