Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last weekend

I am the best procrastinator, ever! Its surprising how ive been able to make it this far in my career as a student, why lie! In a week long of study leave ive read more bill boards, tweets, beer labels, posters and status updates than I have read my class notes. That would be because I dont have that many class notes but then again whos asking?
So now before I go back to reading in an hour or so (see wat I mean!?), I had the craziest weekend!
Not crazy in the traditional sense that I enjoyed every last bit of it but crazy on a whole new level not apparent before to me. For starters went for a rugby tournament almost 6hours late to find the last game for the day about to start. And the worst part was that there was only Heineken on offer, I dont drink that shit, plus twas warm!!! Uuurgh! Oh well I had to drink something dint I!? So I took two cans which were bloody expensive! Anyway, the only thing I like about rugby is the tackles I had rudimentary knowledge on the rules and my many nagging questions jazz my pal, but who cares! Kuuliza si ujinga.
So night falls and all my pals are either mteja (unavailable), home ground, or upcountry. Oh yeah twas Easter....
First plan was to get some alcohol and slowly consume it in the parking lot of Nakumatt Ukay while listening to some sounds in the car....alone. Unfortunately ukay was packed to the brim, so change of plan, checked in to Velvet which was as empty as our politicians cranium. This was turning to a bad night at only 10pm and was considering going home at this point....i should have!
Some of my pals were along Kiambu road at a 'local'. I was hesitant at first about going all the way but I decided aint no way im going home tonight! Fifteen minutes later I was seated outside a lil bar with some noisy crazy friends shoving shot after shot down my throat of the various poisons on the table, soon i was shoving them down myself!
Needless to say, soon there was a total black out!
Ended up waking up in the K1 parking lot 5 hours later shaking like a leaf from the cold. Cursing under my breath cuz I had wasted the night and also missed to ogle at the School girl like clad waitresses in Pitch and butch(bestest joint ever!!) :-)
It is on my drive home that I came to the clear and distinct conclusion that alcohol is bad!
Well that was until the following evening after the wearing off of the hangover and adjusted my hypothesis to: Alcohol is bad! Except Tusker....:-)

Ok back to reading! Uuurgh!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be right back!

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the quick succession of posts has come to a sudden and screeching halt. I blame school for that!
Starting to do exams soon, the part about school i really hate! To pass this semester without a re-seat will need nothing short of a miracle, so fingers crossed!
Be right back :-)