Monday, February 9, 2009

Questions, just questions.........

Damn! As I sit here im trying to write an article for the school mag and im beginning to think that its hopeless considering the ammount of time I have before this shit goes to print! Oh and yeah I cant write anything I wanna write cuz its, well an article for a Catholic run magazine university, yup! That sucks! Good thing im not planing to be a journalist cause that would definitely flop! Man Tony, good work!

So I decided to take a break and blog a lil bit and hopefully that will make the creative juices start flowing!

The other day I found myself doing quite a bit of thinking and I just thought of the few girls ive had the pleasure and opportunity to date and the trials and tribulationts my short life has laid me bare to experience, and come to the conclusion that a girl is not likely to hurt me as ive been hurt before as long as im not married yet. This, in my opinion, is a curse as well as a blessing. Think about it, whatever a girl may do, my feelings would still be intact and thus would be able to move on with little to none heartbreak and pain, on the other hand a girl who i would be referring to as dating would not be as close as she ought to be in life since I would be afraid of getting hurt. So bringing me back to the question, is it better to lay your heart bare, and fully trust and lay your everything on the one you 'love' and hope that she/he will not rip your trust into shreds? Or build a fort around you and hope someone hangs around long enough for you to let your guard down?

We have a cute and lovely dog (snoopy) at home, shes all fluffy and hairy and only sheen high, who belongs to my kid brother. The kind of joy and excitement that she greets you with when you come home in the evening is overwhelming! No matter what you did to her the previous day, be it you refused to give her your piece of chicken or you had to send her out to the kennels in the evening she will still jump all over you like she has amnesia despite her extreme intelligence. She gives one such a rousing welcome that one feels loved and welcome back home after a tiring day out there in the cruel cruel world. What am I rambling on about? Why cant chicks be so welcoming? Not nagging with all the questions and all? Not saying you act like a dog but you get my drift dont you?

Let the barrage of insults begin............