Friday, January 30, 2009

Rapid Response!!

I must say Nairobians and Kenyans in general never cease to amaze me, never mind the brainless politician, the mum president, wreckless drivers and daring thieves but the common mwananchi!
A few weeks ago i was walking down Kenyatta avenue from the ICEA building when i came across a large grouping of hardworking Kenyans staring at the cfc stanbic bank. My alert level was raised when i noticed a few blue boys ready and armed to exchange fire walking around the bank. Obviously there was something wrong and my first instinct was to cross the road and get the hell out of there! Apparently i was the only one thinking that because bright and busy kenyans were looking at the building like it would soon break in dance! I approached one of the onlookers and inquired what was going on, he replied "Nadhania kuna wezi hapo ndani, ebu ngoja tuone"(I think there are robbers in there, lets wait and see). Now again i say i may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but i must say i could find at least one thing wrong with that statement! Why would you want to be near a shoot out!!? Later i read in the newspaper that it was a bomb scare, which in actual fact isnt any better.
Which brings me to the Nakumatt fire. For all of you who dont already know, Nakumatt downtown was raised to the ground!(English!??! Raised to the ground!) In a mysterious fire that gutted the whole building and was still burning 24 hours after the fire started on Wednesday. The fire fighters who are around five minutes away from the building arrived 15 minutes later fully equiped with their 2 out of 5 working fire trucks. "Trucks gives one the illusion thats its those huge fire trucks with ladders and super huge tanks of maji like the one we see in movies but noooooooooo! In Nairobi we have one rickety one im sure from the 1970s and another new land cruiser modified to be a 'fire truck'. Racing down to the rescue! I must say its quite a shame for a huge city like ours would have only two working fire trucks.
And ofcourse as you guessed it, the rescue efforts were hampered by the huge crowd that showed up to view the fire, for them i have no comment considering there were gas cylinders in the building that were exploding every so often.
For the people who died in the inferno, Rest In Peace, for the injured quick recovery and for the bereaved stay strong.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Alarm rings! Damn, have a 9 o'clock class, its 7am. Head pounding from last nights beer on an empty stomach, never doing that again! One more minute i tell myself and lay back and off to dreamland i go!
Beep beep! An SMS comes in and im startled to consciousness, its 7:45am. Damn!
By 8:15am im through getting ready and at the dinner table perusing an outdated newspaper while munching on my breakfast, Ugali and nyama from jana (angelic music playing here). Damn head is still pounding, have to rehydrate! After drinking like a liter of water, i get my bag and im off to the stage!
I knew Nairobi weather was shifty but waaat! The sun was bright and warm when leaving the house, and it was dry, hell my shoes were dusty as soon as i got out of the gate but 10 minutes later it was drizzling!
Damn im late, so i catch the next jav however rickety and old it is!
9:10am im racing down up the dusty road, i hope the lecturer aint a nut case!
I check into class and lucky me hes just arrived too! I get to a comp and straight to the browser, crap, theyve blocked the internet! Which person in his/her right mind deprives people from getting their fix of Facebook for the day!! what makes my head pound even more is this Obama wanna be lecturer babbling on about just how hard the unit is and we should be very serious! Yeah! Sure.....turn the net back on damn it!!
After 2 hours of pure boredom,im off in search for some hot tea, a female to hold on to would be preferable but well....if wishes were horses id be a mighty good jockey.
The usual bandaz were flattened so we have to make do with tents by the road side on a rainy day and guess what i dont have a sweater, oh bright one huh?
Have to hours to burn till the next class, but unfortunately cant partake in our favorite pass time with my cronies which is to sit along a busy pathway and ogle at girls! :-)
So off to the recreation area where we play some pool and i get down to business and kick some serious ass at chess...
Time flies when you having fun, and soon im back to class with another grammatically, semantically and syntactically incorrect lecturer, luckily thers Facebook and Blogger and thus my listen or not to listen!
Stay tuned for a riveting, pulsating, edge of your seat stuff in the next TODAY then....
Lol what a boring and dull day!