Tuesday, February 26, 2008


KMUNto the lay man/woman this is the Model United Nations, Kenya chapter for Universities and guess what im going to be in it!! The 7th chapter that is!!

Its really really cool cuz i get to dress up in suits and go debate stuff in Gigiri like the actual United Nations!!! Coooool!!! But what is waaay cooler is if the resolutions that come out of this confrence make an impact in the real world, if the voices of the next generation of leaders(wooooohoooo im in this LOT!!) is heard and their ideas considered...THAT would be really cool!

Ill try and look sharp, will post the pics if they come out well.

Remember that horse i was talking about getting back on......well yeah im a real jockey now! :-)
"I got meself a girlfriend!!!(big grin and blushing a little)"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Distance Relationships.........Blunder?

Long distance relationships......
Not being an authority on relationships, but having my fair share of heart aches and bloody good times gives me a right to make a foot note of sorts....
Truth be told relationships are just about the hardest things to maintain (much easier to keep a pet dog) but the rewards are worth it and that ofcourse i dont have to mention! To get someone you totally rhyme with is out of this world, cosmic ecstasy!
A young relationship is always the best since you get to 'discover' your partner and most often than not you only get to know the good side, until you spend a whole week together then you get to find out wat pisses you bout them, hopefully the pros list is longer than the cons!

Now consider a long distance relationship where the only form of communication is via ur cell or chatting over the internet or worse still via snail mail!!?
Frankly id die an agonizingly painful death!
Id like to smell my girlfriends hair, feel the smooth skin on her arm, her body against mine when embraced in a hug but thats just me....
A call is lovely but id prefer a face to face conversation, an angry txt in CAPITAL letters is ok but id prefer her shouting to my face, an mms would be great but id prefer taking the photo myself and a whisper in the ear is worth a million 'xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox'!

Love is all that matters all the same, if you love someone enough to stand not being able to see him/her for a whole year(a lil confusing aint it?) then we need a little more people like you out there in the world!

Blunder i dont think so! Just really really inspiring, if a friend of mine can be able to pull off a long distance relationship, and make it successful for nine months and counting then surely i should be able to make a simple old face to face relationship work right?
You know wat, im getting right back on the horse!!
In a minute or two....:-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentines, a big fuss over nothing in paticular......

First and foremost, aint i glad to be alive. The situation may seem to have cooled down in Kenya but i wonder if its a calm before another storm since the handshake between President Kibaki and Hon. Raila didnt seem to have a great impact! The mediation efforts by Koffi Annan are admirable but will they quell the violence that has spiraled far far away from a political to a purely ethnic issue? Anyhuu i digress....

This month is the 'love month' when every lady goes goo goo over a box of choclates(wait they do that all year round) and a dozen red roses and every thing red and expensive!

Im against this holiday not that im a party pooper or that im currently happily single but because most chiks havent the faintest idea what the holiday is all about yet they honor it with as much diligence as they do shaving their legs, utmost(well at least most of em...)

Men put on a leash by our beautiful females jump through hoops, dart through traffic and beg their way so as to have the perfect plans to this OVERLY commercialized-and thus lost meaning- holiday that is valentines.

It is apparently a gross misconception on my part to believe that every day should be like Valentines in a relationship not just one day of so called 'show of love'. Suddenly men who have no clue as to what rhyming, Onomatopoeia, alliteration, or assonance are come up with an award winning love poem(thanks to Google!) and the ladies fall for it hook line and sinker! OR may be not.....

Do women look forward to the holiday due to the attention they get? Because finally the dum guy they dating finally looks up away from the television screen and manages to dial for a diner reservation, or maybe perhaps its cause they are extremely optimistic they will get some shiny ware to adorn? Im almost sure that its not in honor of the Saint Valentine and his secret matrimonies!

I certainly know what the men are after on the night of 14th February....

Let every day be Valentines day.....

Happy Valentine, i.e. Have a happy 2008!