Monday, July 27, 2009

Come back?

Its been ages since i blogged, i donno what happened. Maybe its cause of twitter, maybe its cuz i lacked time to type up posts or i just ran out of things to least on the blog i did.

I met up with some friends a while back, and could not help but realise just how different we are, questions started poping up, am i the one whos changed or have they? And most importantly what the hell do we have in common anymore other than the shared past?

Other Business
Sibbie i semi promise this is the last post about alcohol!
About two months ago, my freinds and i rented a matatu and headed out to the coast for a long weekedn we had planned fro months before hand. As in ages, of saving and scrapping enough coins (at least on my part) to pay for a crazy 96hrs of coast awsomness! Dday arrives and wer all packed into the loud matatu vibrations from the woofer loud enough to be heard a kilometer down the road. Inside every available space is occupied by some luggage or some form of alocohol. We had just two crates of beer and what must have been 4 cartons of Vodka, Brandy and Sambuka and 10 litres of some spiked punch. Clearly this was shaping up to be one of the best ever trips.

On our way down to the coast, i dozed off having raved all of the previous night and woke up to have been plaited matutas (no idea what that is in English, translate please). Point is i woke up looking like Medusa. Now i love my 'fro and under normal circumstances NO ONE touches my 'fro, but we were on our way to the coast so wat the hell yeah? :-) An hour into the trip and we had already finished a whole two crates of beer and starting on the 'makalis' (bitter ones) :-)
By the end of the weekend i was literally shaking at home, going through withdrawal symptoms, it was so bad i honestly thought i had gotten malaria, all worth it though!

I shall not expose much of what happened at the coast as it would be self incriminating, but lets just say i had the maddest fun i have ever had! Drinking games where we took neat vodka from the bottle, on the beach, by the pool, on our way to malindi....

Speaking of beach, i am sooo damn unfit! I played beach soccer for like half an hour and i was totally out! As in dead! Half year resolution.....get in shape!

There goes my last post about alcohol :-(

Monday, July 20, 2009

The MIT experience......

Ive been attending a training at Strathmore University organized and run by MIT students under a program called Africa Information Technology Initiative(AITI) for the past six weeks. In the six weeks ive learned alot of Java, and J2me and using that ill go ahead and do some Android. I must say that these past six weeks have been the craziest, most wonderful of my 3 years or so of coding. There was something very wrong with Kenyan way of teaching or i just was not keen enough then. Michael Gordon, the president of AITI, lectured so well that if you dint get a point then you must have been dozing, cause clearly you have no other reason! The personal attention Zach, Michelle, Julian and Cory gave to everyone was incredible and much thanks to you, if you happen to come across this blog. :-). It may sound cliche, but the last month and a half has been a life altering experience.

Time flies when you having fun and indeed, the past six weeks have whizzed by.